Welcome to the Magnet School PE web page.

Mrs. DuBaldo and Mr. Grochowski


March, 2014
How many ways can you throw, catch, strike, volley, or bounce a ball? Do you know the technique for the overhand throw? How does the word BEEF help you to shoot a basketball into the hoop? These questions and more were answered these past few weeks as students continued in a ball handling unit to develop hand eye coordination. (By the way, B stands for balance and bend the knees, the double E is for eye on the hoop or backboard and elbow below the ball, F is for follow through!)

The second Family Fun and Fitness Night on March 4 proved to be another exciting evening with Coach Carlos Silva, as we worked (played!) toward the goal of exercising to be “happier, healthier, smarter!” Scooter races, wall pushups, fun flexibility exercises kept us moving and wanting more! Thanks to all who participated. You can use the internet site GoNoodle.com to find many other activities to do at home – from breathing and relaxing with Maximo the blue monkey, to following young people leading Zumba!

It’s time to mark your calendars for GEHMS all-school Field Day and family picnic on Wednesday, May 28 and to sign up to help make the day successful for all. Please consider filling out the volunteer form being sent home this month. Or you can contact our Field Day volunteer coordinator, Keith Garbart keith@windingtrails.org. Your assistance with even one task on Field Day will be much appreciated!

With good weather approaching, it’s a great time to get outside as a family and take a brisk walk or a leisurely stroll. How many different birds can you see? Which signs of Spring are visible? How far can you go in 10 minutes? Is there a place to shoot some baskets or play 4-square?!

The PE schedule has changed! Please note which day your child has PE so s/he can be prepared with sneakers, which are required.

Even if your child wears boots to school, please send along sneakers to maximize your child’s participation and skill development in PE class. Thank you.

Mondays: 5M; 3L; 2B; 1P; KF

Tuesdays: 5Y; 4G; 3M; 3Y; Pre-Su

Wednesdays: 2G; 1M; KG; KR; Pre-Sh

Thursdays: 4S; 2R; 1C; Pre-K

Practice at home to improve your fitness. How about a family fitness challenge? How many pushups can your family do in one minute? Send us a picture of your family exercising and we’ll put it up on the PE bulletin board. (ddubaldo@crec.org; grgrochowski@crec.org)

On November 14, GEHMS PE classes manipulated plastic stackingcups to help to break the Guiness World Record for “the most people sport stacking at multiple locations in one day.” WOW! Over 500,000 stackers, including 90 students from GEHMS helped to break the record! Check out www.thewssa.com/stackup for details.


We are so excited about keeping kids moving that staff members are teaching and playing games with students at recess time, giving the students opportunities to learn and play many new games.

Please remember that, for safety and success in PE, children need to wear sneakers for PE classes. Boots, sandals, slip-ons, and dress shoes can be unsafe for running, jumping, stopping, and tumbling on the mats. Thank you for your cooperation. HERE'S THE SCHEDULE:

Need an alternative to Rock, Paper, Scissors?
Try JUMP 6

Stand facing your partner.
One person must choose “same side”. The other person must choose “different sides”.
The players jump at the same time 6 times, counting together.
On the sixth jump they split their legs so one foot is in front of the other.
If the front feet of both players are on the same side, the person who called “same side” wins that game and gets one point. If the front feet of both players are on different sides, the person who called “different sides” is the winner of that game and gets one point.
Try to get to 11 points.

Tennis ball inside a sock, tied to a long jump rope
Form a circle with one player in the center. Center player twirls the rope. Others jump over the sock when it comes near to them. If a player misses, s/he can turn the rope, or everyone can just take turns twirling the rope.

DROP 21 OR DROP 10 Gr 2-up
1 ball
2 players
Players stand facing each other. Decide who goes first, second. The first player holds the ball as high as possible, then drops the ball. The other player lets the ball bounce as many times as possible, then the second player tries to catch it.
Every bounce counts as one point. Everyone, count out loud. Try to get as many points as you can without going over 21 bounces, but you must pick up the ball before it begins to roll.
If the ball begins to roll the player’s count returns to zero, and s/he earns no points.
Then switch so the other players have a turn. If you just held the ball and dropped it, you become the catcher.
Keep playing until someone reaches exactly 21 (or 10, or any other number).
If you go past 21, on the next turn, you must subtract until you get to 21.

Healthy Kids Learn Better. Please be aware that our school policy does not allow for candy and other sweets to be shared in school. If you wish to celebrate a special occasion with the class, here are some other options: recess equipment such as balls, hoops, jump ropes, scoops and whiffle balls, skip-its, ring toss, foam Frisbees; indoor recess equipment such as Chinese jump ropes, kids’ workout video, carpet hopscotch, card games ; classroom supplies such as pencils for everyone, note pads, sticky notes, share a story with the class, share what you do at work, donate a book, or consult the classroom teacher for a non-food recommendation. Thank you for your understanding and support of this policy.

Fuel Up To Play 60 is a national program supported by Michele Obama which promotes healthy eating and getting 60 minutes of exercise daily. This is a challenge! Check out fueluptoplay.com. Click on Track your healthy habits.

We've focused on the ability to relax – not an easy task! For calming and centering, try these 3 techniques at home.
¯ Belly breathing – on your back, place your hands on your belly. As you inhale slowly, allow your belly to expand and puff up. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds, then slowly exhale, and relax the belly. Repeat for several minutes.
¯ Rock pose, also known as child’s pose. Kneel, then sit on your heels. Place your forehead on the floor. Extend your arms back, with the back of the hands on the floor near your knees. Rest in this position, breathing slowly and steadily. If you prefer, you can place your fists under your forehead. If you have trouble sitting back on your heels, place a rolled towel over your heels.
¯ Chill-outs: Scoot as close as you can to a wall. Lay on your back so your legs are resting up against the wall. You are in the shape of an L. Place your hands on your belly and relax.
- Spinal twist: Lie on your back with your arms out to your sides, like a T. Bend your knees and bring your legs up to your chest. Then slowly lower your legs to one side and let them rest on the floor. After resting in this position, bring your legs to the other side.

Practicing yoga breathing continues to have an influence on student performance and the ability to calm one’s self. Try the sounding breath at home: Sit in a comfortable position. Cup your hands over your ears to block out sounds from the environment. Inhale slowly and deeply, exhale slowly. Listen to the sound of your breathing. Repeat this several times for instant tranquility.

What kinds of foods are you eating???
GO foods – you can eat them every day. They are good for you, because they contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep you healthy. GO foods are usually fresh foods like fruits and vegetables, or lowfat dairy products.

SLOW foods – you can eat them, but not every day. They have some nutrients, but they may also contain some fats, oils, sugar or salt.
WHOAfoods – you can eat these once in a while. They contain lots of fat, oil, sugar, or salt.

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